Enable Automatic Top-Up Feature on you Domain Reseller Account

The ZA Domains Control Panel provides Domain Resellers with the ability to store their credit card information on Nedbank's PCI Compliant Servers and have this credit card billed for an amount you specify when your ZA Domains account reaches or goes below a certain threshold.
The steps below will walk you through the process of enabling the Automatic Top-Up feature.
Log in to the ZA Domains Reseller Control Panel using your Domain Reseller user name and password.
  1. Expand Billing from the menu and click on Billing and Payments. 
  2. Click on Automatic Top-Up tab.
  3. Change the Automatic Top-Up button from Off to On
    • Set the Balance Threshold amount - This is the threshold value that your account will be billed when it reaches this amount or runs below this amount.
    • Top-Up Amount - This is the amount that is billed to your card to get it back into a positive balance.
  4. Click on the Save Changes button.

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