How to Enable and Disable Two Factor Authentication on your Domain Reseller Account

The ZA Domains Reseller Control Panel provides additional layers of security to protect your Domain Reseller Account from unauthorized access.


This guide will walk you through the steps required to Enable or Disable Two Factory Authentication (2FA) via a One Time Pin (OTP) which is sent to your registered mobile number upon successful authentication via the Domain Reseller Control Panel.


  1. Log in to the ZA Domains Reseller Control Panel using your Domain Reseller user name and password.

  2. Expand Options from the menu and click on Security. 

  3. On the Security Options page toggle the OTP Authentication button to On or Off

  4. Click the Save Changes button.

The OTP Authentication feature uses the mobile number stored within the My Profile section of the Control Panel. To review this information navigate to Options on the Menu and click My Profile. On the My Profile page click the Personal Info tab to confirm that your Mobile Number is correct.

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