How to verify your Domain Reseller account using the verification code

After creating a Domain reseller account on the ZA Domains Domain Reseller Control Panel you will receive and SMS containing your ZA Domains User name and Verification code. 
Follow the steps below which will guide you through the Domain Reseller account verification process.
  1. Browse to the ZA Domains Reseller Control Panel
  2. Provide your generated ZA Domains User name and the password you provided during registration and click the Log in button
  3. After successful log in you will be asked for the Domains Reseller Verification code, refer to the Registration SMS and provide the verification code.
  4. Click the verify account button.
If you have not received the verification code within 20 minutes of registering as a Domain Reseller on the ZA Domains Reseller Control Panel, then contact support by creating a new ticket within the support portal

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