How to add your OpenSRS API key to your ZA Domains account

To add your OpenSRS API details to your ZA Domains account please follow the below steps. You will first need to generate an API access key and allow the IP range through your OpenSRS account.
To generate an API key and allow IP access :
  1. Log into Your OpenSRS account at
  2. Click on the user menu button to the top right of the page (gear icon)
  3. Click on Account Settings
  4. Click on API Settings
  5. Click on Generate New API Key
  6. Click on the Edit button to the right of the IP Access Rules section
  7. Enter the IP address as
  8. Set the CIDR Prefix to 32 (1address) as per the below image
  9. Click add then Close
To add the API key to your ZA Domains account :
  1. Please allow 5 - 10 minutes for your IP Access Rules to be applied on the OpenSRS firewall
  2. Log into your ZA Domains account at
  3. Navigate to 'Options' > 'Intergrations' through the menu to the right
  4. Click on the OpenSRS Info tab
  5. Enter your OpenSRS user name and API private Key that was generated in the previous steps
  6. Click the Save Changes button

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