SSL Certificate Extended Validation

Business Validation requires domain validation via email (DCV) and supplying company documents for business authentication. The validation process is manual and takes about two or three business days to complete the whole validation process. It is recommended for online shopping cart websites which are registered as a business entity. To get Business Validation SSL Certificate you may be requested for required documents.


Step 1 - Supplying EV Documents

You will need to send EV SSL Subscriber Agreement and Certificate Request Form to complete EV Validation. The process takes time, but the result will brings you great success.

Comodo documents:
Certificate Request FormEV SSL Subscriber Agreement

Step 2 - Supplying Business Documents

You need to supply company business documents to the vendor. You can send the documents using Post mail, Fax and Email in PDF format. If the order is for a commercial entity you will need to send one of these docs: Articles of Incorporation, Business License, DUNS details (e.g. your customer's Dun & Bradstreet company number), same process like Business Validation SSL has.

Step 3 - Passing Domain Validation

The validation process is very simple and easy; all you need is to respond to automatic system message called DCV (Domain Control Validation) that will be sent to your email.

Step 4 - Callback

To finish the order the SSL Vendor should checks your phone number and verify order, in most cases the vendor takes your company phone from the public Data Bases OR

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