The name servers that you specified for domain have not been correctly configured

ZA Central Registry requires that the name servers assigned to a domain registration or or domain transfer be correctly configured in order for the registration and transfer to succeed without any errors.
In the event that the name servers assigned to a domain registration or transfer have not been correctly configured, ZACR will suspend the domain's DNS records.
ZA Domains has implemented a preliminary check on all domain registrations and transfers to ensure that the provided name servers have been setup as authoritative.
If the name servers fail to return authoritative records for the domain the following error is thrown.
Error: The name servers that you specified for the domain [domainname] (affected name server) have not been correctly configured. Please double check the name server setup or contact your hosting provider.
To resolve the issue, correct the issues on the name servers listed within the error.

Confirm DNS Option 1

For the domain field, provide the domain name that you are attempting to register or transfer.
For the server field, provide the name server which has failed, as per the ZA Domains report.
Click Go

Confirm DNS Option 2

Within the DNS Lookup Utility (including zone transfer) section
Provide the domain name within the Host Address field
Provide the dns server address withing the Server to query field
Select NS Name Server and press Go
If your name servers are not correctly configured then please contact the company / individual who is responsible for your name servers.
If your name servers are correctly configured then please contact ZA Domains support for further assistance and we can, upon request change your account to bypass Name Server checks. 

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