Adding your ZA Central Registry Portal Details to the ZA Domains Control Panel

ZA Domains support staff may require access to your Registrar Account on the ZA Central Registry Portal in order to assist with technical support and other integration issues.
You are advised to not send credentials via e-mail, but to rather store them within the ZA Domains Control Panel.
This guide will walk you through the steps required to save your Registry Portal Details
  1. Browse to the Registry Portal 
  2. Log in using the e-mail address associated with your Registrar account and password (This ensures that you have the correct credentials)
  3. Browse to the ZA Domains Multi Registrar Control Panel
  4. Log in to the ZA Domains Control Panel using your ZA Domains username and password
  5. Expand Options on the Menu and click ZACR EPP Info
  6. Click the ZACR Portal Info tab on the EPP Info page
  7. Type the e-mail address used in Step 2 into the ZACR Portal User Name field
  8. Type the password used in Step 2 into the Portal Password field
  9. Click Save Changes

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